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Unique Solo Classical Piano from Pittsburgh

Introducing, 12 Minor Months of Solo Piano,
the debut release of solo classical piano 
by Edward James Horey!

The concept of the 12 Minor Months album is simple: 
Ed set out to compose 12 classical movements(months) 
in the 12 keys of the harmonic minor musical scale.

Melancholy, Dark, Violent, Powerful, Peaceful, Beautiful, Elegant, and Tranquil are some of the words that have been used to describe the listening experience of the 
12 Minor Months of Solo Piano.

Ed regards and performs all 12 Minor Months as one large composition, but in the CD format he decided to mark each month as a separate track so that the listener would be able to jump to whichever section(month) they wanted to.


Don't hesitate, pick up your copy of the 12 Minor Months of Solo Piano today, you won't be disappointed!

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"12 Minor Months of Solo Piano"
by Edward James Horey

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